Next To Blow: King Mez

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Music
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The name King Mez might be a familiar one, considering the incredible 2015 he had. Pretty much coming from obscurity to not only featuring on three, but receiving writing credits for a whopping 13 out of the 16 tracks on what has possibly been the most anticipated hip hop album in over a decade. The album we’re talking about is of course Dr. Dre’s first release in 16 years, Compton. The North Carolina native, born Morris. W Ricks is an exceptional musician outside of his work with the good Doctor. King Mez has been releasing music since 2009 and as you can imagine now has an impressive discography consisting of The Kings Khrysis, The Paraplegics, My Everlasting Zeal and most recently his 2014 mixtape Long Live the King. Before working with the legendary Dr. Dre, King Mez had already began cutting his teeth working with reputable producers like 9th Wonder, Khrysis and fellow North Carolinian J. Cole. King Mez is certainly a welcome break from the braggadocio filled lyrical content we’re used to, with his latest tape being awash with deep introspective lyricism, which is a pleasure to listen to thanks to his effortless flow being soaked in a southern twang that’s more reminiscent of blues than hip hop. There are certainly big things in store for the 25 year old; with Dr. Dre already saying that he sees King Mez the same way he saw Kendrick Lemar, and we all know what Kendrick went on to do.


You can get a glimpse into the future by listening to his Soundcloud here:


Check Him Out on Twitter: @KingMez



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